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Actor Danai Gurira
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age Early 30's
Occupation Unknown
Family Mike - Boyfriend (Deceased)

Andre Anthony - Son (Deceased)

First Appearance "Beside the Dying Fire"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Beside the Dying Fire" to Present
Ethnicity African-American

Michonne (pronounced mih-SHOWN[1]) is one of the main protagonists and survivors of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. After the Greene Family Farm was overrun by Walkers, Michonne encountered Andrea and the two became close friends throughout the winter until they entered Woodbury. Later on in Season 3, Michonne left Woodbury and became a key member of Rick Grimes' group. Her favored weapon is the Katana.

  • Michonne is, so far, one of the only five known characters, played by two different actresses, the others being Hannah, Judith GrimesMike, Terry.
  • Iconically, Michonne was introduced in Issue 19 of the Comic Series and she was introduced in the 19th episode of the TV Series.
  • Michonne was originally slated to have a cameo appearance in the pilot episode, but it was never filmed.
  • Danai Gurira prepared for her role through sword training and repeated viewings of samurai films.
  • Michonne is one of the characters that did not speak in the episode in which she was introduced.
  • Michonne mutilating The Governor differs in the Comic Series. In the Comic Series, it was done in torture; whereas in the TV Series, it was in self-defense.
  • Unlike her Comic book Series counterpart, Michonne seems to have poor accuracy with a firearm, as seen in the "Home", this is because Danai Gurira stated: "I have never actually used a firearm" in a behind-the-scenes video about "Home".
  • She is the first female survivor to have an action figure for the TV Series, same with the Comic Series figures.
  • Michonne has caused the most amputations out of all other characters.
  • Michonne and Rick have made the most appearances in season 3, with 15.
  • Michonne has mentioned that she likes stale M&Ms.
  • Michonne has been knocked out with a gun twice by a former member of Woodbury:
  • Michonne is one of three characters who formerly lived in Woodbury (though she only stayed there briefly) who is still alive.
  • Michonne is the only main character introduced in the second season not to be part of the Greene family.


Michonne tends to work alone and quietly and keeps much of her past secret, even towards Andrea, but still fights for the survivors defense as strongly as the other active defenders. Michonne said that she "trusts her gut" when it comes to other survivors. After the loss of her boyfriend, she suffered from hallucinations in which she would talk to him. It was revealed that she likes art and/or sculptures as she looted a cat sculpture and claimed that was "Too damn gorgeous" to leave behind.

Michonne appeared to have an aversion to babies, as she vehemently refused to hold Judith until Beth forced her to, and, while looking at Judith, shed tears, before hugging Judith close.

Who Has She Killed?Edit


"I know you see things. I used to talk to my dead boyfriend."
"If he was here right now, I'd cut him in two, because that's how it needs to be."
"You talk about the weight of what you have to do, how you can handle it... A bad man, someone truly evil, they're light as a feather. They don't feel a thing."
"Mike. I miss you. I missed you even when I was with you. Back at the camp, it wasn't you who did it. You were wrong, because I'm still here, and you could be too and he could be. I know the answer, I know why."


"Beside the Dying Fire "Edit

After Hershel's Farm was overrun with zombies, most of the group had escaped by motor vehicle and traveled back to the highway, but Andrea was thought to have been killed and was left behind. She was still alive, however, and was chased into the woods on foot, where she apparently spent the entire night fleeing from walkers. She soon runs out of ammunition and ends up pinned by a walker being too exhausted to fight him, when she is suddenly rescued by a katana-wielding hooded figure, who decapitates the walker. The hooded figure has two walkers shackled to her, with both of their arms and lower jaws cut off. Later the rescuer is revealed to be Michonne.

Season 3Edit


Michonne is shown in a local pharmacy searching for medical supplies when she runs into a group of walkers, all of which she decapitates with her katana. She is shown taking the aspirins to an influenza-ridden Andrea, who has taken refuge along with her at a local game cooler. Andrea tries to convince Michonne to leave her, but Michonne refuses and the two ultimately decide to move out as the walkers begin to advance on their location.


Michonne does not appear in this episode.

"Walk With Me"Edit

While traveling on the road, Michonne and Andrea see a mysterious plume of smoke in the distance. Going to investigate it, they discover a crashed helicopter. Michonne chains her walkers to a tree and tells Andrea to stay hidden in the bushes while she goes to investigate the helicopter. She discovers the bodies of the soldiers who were inside.

A group of armed men arrive on the scene, and Michonne and Andrea hide in the bushes to watch them. They see The Governor stab a man in the head, even though he already appeared dead. Michonne's walkers begin to make too much noise, and Michonne decapitates them to prevent their location being compromised. However, Andrea and Michonne are surprised from behind by Merle, who orders them to drop their weapons. Andrea then faints.

They are taken by vehicle to Woodbury, where they are kept locked in a room and placed under guard. After Andrea is taken care of, Merle comes to the room. Andrea fills him in on what has happened since Atlanta, and Michonne is visibly suspicious of Merle. When The Governor arrives, Michonne demands that they be given their weapons back, but The Governor insists that they stay for the night.

The Governor shows the two women around Woodbury, showing them the sturdy fence built around the town. Michonne becomes increasingly suspicious of him. She refuses to give out much information about herself, leaving Andrea to do most of the talking. Michonne's introverted nature causes a slight rift between her and Andrea, who claims she knows almost nothing about her.

Michonne again demands to have her sword back, but The Governor does not allow it, telling her she is safe in Woodbury. After he and his group of men return from a troop, he addresses the town's population, telling him that they encountered an army group on the road. He tells them that they did not have a fence like Woodbury did, and that the "biters" got to them before he could.

"Killer Within"Edit

Michonne's suspicions about The Governor continue when she investigates the army vehicles. After finding blood trails and bullet holes in the vehicles, she is confronted by The Governor. He asks her to join his ranks, which she declines.

She makes plans to leave with Andrea on the same day; she intends for them to head to the coast, where Michonne believes they will be safe. However, Andrea returns later in the day after talking with The Governor, and asks an angry Michonne to stay a few more days.

"Say the Word"Edit

When The Governor plans a party for Woodbury, Michonne's suspicions are raised. After he leaves his office, she sneaks in to retrieve her sword. She removes her katana and comes across his notebook. She discovers that he has written a series of names on the paper, underlining the name "Penny". Michonne flips through several pages of the book, realizing that he has made a series of marks page after page (perhaps a sign of his insanity). She hears a noise coming from the closet, but before she can open the door, footsteps are heard outside the door.

Hiding behind a wall, Michonne watches The Governor, Merle, and Milton enter. Milton complains that they should postpone the night's events, saying that they do not need to use up the resources he needs for his experiment. The Governor convinces him to have fun for the night, then get back to his experiment in the morning. Michonne sneaks out of the window after they leave.

She enters an apparently deserted area filled with sand and a cage behind the building. Hearing growling from the cages, she discovers a handful of walkers inside. Smirking to herself, Michonne breaks open the lock to the cage door and lets them out while drawing her katana. Michonne skillfully puts down all of the walkers, and just as she finishes, Tim arrives with a bucket of meat to feed them.

Michonne is next seen back in The Governor's office, seated. The Governor seats himself across from her at his desk and scolds her for trespassing into the area. He claims he has nothing to hide, to which Michonne replies, "People with nothing to hide don't usually feel the need to say so." He also lets her know he is not happy that she has been snooping around, and that other people want her out of Woodbury. Instead of kicking her out, he makes her an offer to join the research team.

Michonne jumps up and takes him by surprise, snatching back her katana and holding it against his throat. She backs away, then storms out, sparing his life. When Andrea returns from her talk with The Governor, Michonne begins packing supplies to leave. However, Andrea is still reluctant to go. Michonne again warns her that Woodbury is not what it seems.

Michonne and Andrea make their way to the gate, where they plan to sneak out during the daytime. Merle stops them and says they will need an escort to leave. Andrea becomes agitated and asks Michonne to stay. "You coming or not?" Michonne asks. When Andrea hesitates, Michonne says, "You slowed me down anyway." She then leaves Woodbury without Andrea, leaving her to watch through the gap in the wall.


Michonne has fled Woodbury and is being hunted by Merle, Crowley, Tim, and Gargulio. She managed to kill Crowley and Tim, but was shot in the thigh by Merle when she was attempting to flee. She continues to run until she met up with Merle and the other remaining man, Gargulio. She attempts ambushing them again but Merle managed to knock her sword away. Luckily, a group of walkers attacked them, giving her time to retrieve her katana and flee.

During her walk, she comes upon a few walkers, but the guts from a walker showered her earlier, camouflaging her smell, causing the walkers to ignore her. She later witnessed Glenn and Maggie in a store and watched through a car window while the two were abducted by Merle.

Seeing all of the supplies that Glenn and Maggie had scavenged, she took it all and somehow found her way to the prison. Rick approaches her from outside of the prison fence, seeing that she is carrying the supplies, surrounded by walkers who do not attack her because of a walker's guts that were spilled on her earlier.

"When the Dead Come Knocking"EditEdit

Michonne arrives at the prison with walkers surrounding her. Rick notices her outside the fence, but runs off without acting. Carl questions if they should help her, but Rick does not reply. They witness Michonne fighting off the walkers, but she ends up passing out from her leg's pain. The walkers pounce on her, but Rick and Carl shoot them before they infect her. They take her inside the prison, asking where she came from and how she knew Glenn and Maggie. Hershel assists with her injuries, and she later accompanies the group to Woodbury to attack and free the prisoners. On the way there, they end up in a cabin, where they encounter a dead dog and a hermit. He seems to not be aware of the apocalypse, and warns that he will call the cops. Rick replies with humor, revealing that he is a cop. When he attempts to run and open the door to the waiting walkers, Michonne stabs him with her katana in the back. The crew decides that there is no escape, and decide on throwing the old man to the walkers as a distraction. They run out the back door and make their way to Woodbury, planning to attack.

"Made to Suffer"Edit

Michonne, Rick, Daryl, and Oscar invade Woodbury through a passageway she reveals to them. After the group successfully rescues Glenn and Maggie, Michonne breaks off from the group and sneaks into Philip's home. After sitting in a chair, she hears a rustling and discovers Penny. Michonne attempts to free Penny from her restraints but sees she is a walker. Michonne attempts to put down Penny, but Philip arrives. Philip puts his weapons aside and pleads for Michonne not to hurt his daughter. Michonne reminds Philip that Penny is already dead, and stabs Penny through the head and a fight takes place between the two. Philip gains the upper hand until Michonne pulls a shard of glass from a broken aquarium and stabs Philip through his right eye. Michonne attempts to kill him with her katana, but Andrea moves in and Michonne leaves after the two glare at each other. Michonne rejoins the rescue team outside of Woodbury, but is held at gunpoint by Rick and the group, Rick demanding to know where she went. Michonne reminds the group that they will need her help rescuing Daryl and getting back safely to the prison.

"The Suicide King"Edit

Michonne waits by the road with Glenn while Rick and Maggie attack Woodbury. Michonne and Glenn attempt to attack Merle when they witness him returning with Rick, Maggie, and Daryl, but she is stopped by Rick. The group discusses the matter and decides not to allow Michonne to stay, as she is a "loose cannon," and Rick informs her that she has to leave after she all of her wounds are healed. Hershel doctors her back at The Prison, stating that she has received a concussion, and it may be days before she is well again.


Michonne witnesses Rick on the bridge all by himself when he sees Lori standing there. In the common room, Glenn mentions his plan to organize a sneak attack on Woodbury and execute The Governor, wanting Michonne to accompany him. During the attack at the Prison by the Woodbury soldiers who unleash a herd of Walkers using a delivery van, Michonne and Glenn successfully rescue Hershel from the approaching walkers.

"I Ain't a Judas"Edit

Michonne is seen doing some physical exercises while Merle speaks to her, trying to make peace by saying, "I done a lot of things I ain't proud of," he says. "Hope we can get past it." Michonne glares silently back at him. After the arrival of Andrea she sees Michonne with Rick's group. Later while outside, Andrea accuses Michonne of turning the group against her. Michonne counters that Andrea is living under The Governor's spell and reveals that he sent Merle to kill her. Michonne says she went back to Woodbury to unmask The Governor, adding, "I knew it would hurt you." Michonne is later seen at night while Beth is singing. Rick tells Daryl and Hershel he's taking Michonne and Carl on a run for more guns the next day.


Michonne is on a run along with Rick and Carl, in the hopes of finding more weapons. They reach King County and stumble upon an armed man, which tells them to drop their weapons. A shootout ensues, Michonne manages to reach the man's location but he's gone. Later when they realize the man is Morgan, they drag him back to the building where he is staying. She tells Rick that Morgan is dangerous, and possibly crazy. Later she accompanies Carl who wants to find a baby crib for Judith, and a picture of Lori, wanting his sister to know what her mother looked like. She manages to retrieve the picture, gaining Carl's trust, and later she tells Rick that she knows that he sees people, and reveals that she used to talk to her dead boyfriend.

"Arrow on the Doorpost"Edit

Michonne is seen in the common room when Glenn gives the order to fortify their position. Michonne later attempts to intervene during the brawl between Merle and Glenn. Merle attempts to talk Michonne into accompanying him on his assassination mission, but Michonne declines, due to the mission putting Rick, Hershel, and Daryl in the crossfire.


The episode opens with a flashback to when Michonne and Andrea were camping in the winter. As the two eat, Andrea asks about her pet walkers. Michonne ignores her and declines a chance to talk about it. However, Michonne says they were not human to begin with and that they deserved what they got.

"This Sorrowful Life"Edit

Michonne conceives a plan to lay spike strips at the prison for when The Governor arrives. "We don't have to win," Michonne later tells Rick of the plan. "We just have to make their getting at us more trouble than it's worth."

Merle later takes Michonne to the tombs under the pretense of clearing out walkers. He then knocks her unconscious, drags her to the boiler room and binds her wrists.

Later, Merle walks Michonne down an abandoned road and explains The Governor's proposition. He says Rick would never have gone through with it. "But not you," she says. Merle tells Michonne that this is his chance to save Daryl and the others. Michonne notes that Merle has a conscience, but Merle disagrees: "I've killed 16 men since all this went down," he says.

At an abandoned motel, Merle tethers Michonne to a post while he hotwires a car. He accidentally triggers the alarm, attracting walkers. Michonne is forced to fight off walkers while her hands are bound. They hop in the car and peel out of the parking lot.

In the car, Michonne tells Merle that the prison group would have eventually welcomed him, but he chose to be an outsider. He calls her an outsider, too. "Maybe," she says, "but once The Governor's done with me, at least I won't have to live with myself."

Michonne wonders why Merle wants to help The Governor when he's the one who turned Merle into a killer. "You know we can go back," she says. Merle stops the car, cuts her bindings and sets her free, giving her sword back. "I got something I gotta do," he says before he drives off alone.

Daryl later runs into Michonne, who tells him Merle let her go. He tells her not to send help and continues on after Merle. Later, Rick is looking from the guard tower and sees Michonne making her way back to the prison. 

"Welcome to the Tombs"Edit

In the cell block, Michonne forgives Rick for considering The Governor's offer and thanks him for allowing her into the group. After the attack, she accompanies Rick and Daryl on a trip to Woodbury to end it all. They are allowed in by Tyreese and Sasha. They are then led to where Philip kept Glenn and Maggie, to see if Andrea is there. They find a small pool of blood at a scrap metal door. They open it to find Andrea, "burning up", with a bite on her neck. While the others go just outside after Rick gives her a gun to kill herself, Michonne stays with her friend to comfort her and ensure that she is not allowed to turn. She is later seen at the prison, along with the others.

Season 4Edit

"30 Days Without An Accident"Edit

Michonne rides into the prison on Flame, returning from a scouting trip. Rick tells her, "We're glad to see you" to which she replies "Glad to see you, too." She gives a stack of comics to Carl, asking that he let her read them after he's done. She also gives a razor to Rick, joking "Your face is losing the war." Michonne tells Rick and Daryl that she "didn't find him", referring to Philip. Michonne says that she considered going to Macon, but Daryl says she would have to go through "seventy miles of walkers". Michonne believes it would be worth it. When Daryl brings up the supply run with the others, Michonne volunteers to go with him, although Carl objects that she just got back. "And I'll be back," she promises.

When Sasha's group makes a supply run to Big Spot, Daryl reveals he set up a boom box to draw walkers away from the area. Michonne is later listening to Zach and Daryl talk, and Zach tells her he has been trying to guess what Daryl did for a living before the turn. When Zach guesses a homicide cop, Michonne laughs and says that it makes sense. Before the group goes inside, Michonne asks Daryl, "We gonna do this Detective?"

Inside the store, Michonne is shopping with a cart when she runs into a Frankenstein cardboard cut-out that looks like a walker. She cuts it apart with her katana.

After Bob knocks down a shelf, walkers begin dropping in from the roof and Michonne helps the others fight them. However Zach is bitten and a broken helicopter falls through the roof. The group barely escapes in time.

Michonne is later seen in her cell at the prison that night, looking at a map. She traces a route to Macon with her finger.


Michonne sets out again for another run, and asks Carl and Rick if they want anything for her to grab. After Michonne leaves, she hears gunshots being fired from the prison, and rushes back. She enters through the gate that Carl opens for her but is caught by two walkers. Carl shoots one of the walkers down while Michonne injures her foot trying to get the other walker off her. She is carried back to the prison by Maggie and Carl and is treated for her foot injury by Beth.

While talking with Beth, Michonne tells Beth that she thinks Maggie and Carl's decision to save her and risk their lives was stupid. Beth lets Michonne know that people risk their lives for others because they care for them. Michonne is irritated by Judith's crying, so Beth takes her out to sing her a song. Michonne is doing exercises trying to strengthen her foot when Judith suddenly throws up on Beth. Beth asks Michonne to hold Judith while she cleans herself up, and she reluctantly agrees. Michonne stares into Judith's eyes and begins to weep, as she holds the baby close.


Michonne attends the council meeting held in the library to determine what needs to be done about the sick people. Daryl plans a supply run to get medicine and Michonne volunteers. Hershel says that Michonne being in the car with Daryl May make her sick, to which she jokes, "He's already given me fleas."

Back outside, she and Daryl are looking at Zach's car. Daryl says he is glad Michonne is there. She asks "Where else would I be?" to which he responds, "Running off." Michonne says "You know I'm not running off." They are talking about her trips to search for the Governor.

Later, Daryl is driving Zach's car with Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese riding with him on the supply run. Daryl reminds Michonne that he knows she doesn't run off, but he insists the Governor's trail has gone cold and he would help Michonne look for him if it were any other way. Michonne does not reply. A voice comes on the radio saying "Those who arrive survive." Daryl is distracted by the radio and runs into walkers. The group realizes there are thousands of walkers coming towards them, and Daryl tries to back out. The car gets stuck and Michonne and the others fight their way out of the vehicle. They are pursued by walkers in the woods.


With no car, the group is forced to walk in the woods and seems to have left the giant herd behind. Daryl finds a piece of jasper in the grass, and Michonne jokes that the color looks good on him.

The group later discovers a car parked at an auto shop, but it is covered by vines and tree bushes. As they cut through the bushes, Tyreese relentlessly hacks away, knocking the handle off a door. Walkers begin coming through the bushes and Tyreese gets tackled by one because he wouldn't let it go.

Later Michonne and Tyreese are hacking at the bushes together, and Michonne tells him that he has every right to be angry, but his anger would make him stupid and get him killed. Tyreese asks her if she is still angry about the Governor. Michonne says that she would cut him in half if he was standing there, but not because she's angry, but because it needs to be done. Tyreese asks her why she is still looking for him, to which she replies "I don't know."

The group gets into the college and finds a medicine cabinet. Michonne takes what Bob tells her to get. They are chased by walkers down a hall and Tyreese throws a fire extinguisher through a window to escape. They climb out to the roof, but Bob trips and his bag is caught by walkers below. He gets his bag back, but Daryl opens it to find a bottle of alcohol inside. Daryl says that he will beat Bob into the ground if he takes one sip before the people at the prison get their medicine.

Michonne takes the driver's seat and tells Daryl that he was right. She has decided to quit running off to search for the Governor because the trail has gone cold. Daryl replies "Good", and Michonne drives them back towards the prison.


Michonne, Daryl and the others return to the prison with the medicine shortly after the walker attack that night. Michonne is seen the next morning dragging bodies and stacking them in a trailer hooked to a Jeep. She asks Hershel if he'd like to help her and he replies "Hell yeah." They get in the vehicle together.

"Live Bait"Edit

Michonne does not appear in this episode. Though the Governor does indirectly mention her when Meghan asks about his missing eye.

"Dead Weight"Edit

When the Governor arrives at the prison, he discovers Michonne and Hershel outside the fences getting rid of the walker corpses from the previous night. He then aims his gun at the both of them.

"Too Far Gone"Edit

Michonne and Hershel are captured by The Governor while burning bodies outside the prison, with The Governor knocking her in the head. She and Hershel are taken to The Governor's camp and kept tied up in his RV. The Governor promises not to hurt them, instead telling them they will help him take the prison. Neither Michonne nor Hershel believe him, and Michonne says she will kill him.

They are later taken to the prison gates with The Governor's militia, where he tells Rick and the prison group that he will kill them if they don't give over the prison before sundown. Rick refuses and tries convincing The Governor to live in peace with them. However, The Governor takes Michonne's sword and decapitates Hershel. Michonne is able to get away in the ensuing firefight and get free of her bonds. She sneaks up to The Governor while he is choking Rick and stabs him through the heart with her katana. Instead of killing The Governor, she lets him suffer as he writhes on the ground.


While escaping the prison, Michonne encounters the body of her horse, Flame, and creates two new pets from zombified members of the Governor's militia. She finds the freshly reanimated head of Hershel and puts the walker head of her friend down and mournfully caresses it while holding back her tears. After that, she leaves the prison and finds two fresh human footprints but decides not to follow the footprints and go off on her own into the woods. She finds a car and rests for the day inside of it. That night, she dreams of her former life with her lover Mike, his friend Terry, and her son. In her dream, things rapidly progress from their idyllic life to the devastation of the apocalypse, and she wakes up screaming. The next day, while traveling with a walker herd under camouflage, Michonne repeatedly sees a walker who looks identical to how she would if she were dead. This realization causes her to snap and cling to her life. She heatedly executes the entire walker herd and begins crying. Finally, she follows the tracks Rick and Carl left behind and finds a bar with a dead walker and a note. She rests for a minute and begins talking to her dead boyfriend in her mind. She says she misses him and their son and that they could've lived and been with her. She continues following Rick and Carl's tracks, eventually finding them inside a house. With tears of joy she knocks on the door to be let in.


Michonne does not appear in this episode, but it is mentioned by Beth when he speaks with Daryl arguing that they are not the only survivors, and it is possible that Michonne and Rick are neighbors.


Michonne joins Carl at the table in the house to eat cereal for breakfast. She remarks that she wishes they had soy milk, to which Carl shows disgust and tells her the story of how he tried soy milk in the third grade. He mentions that he would rather drink Judith's formula, but becomes upset at the mention of her name and leaves the room.

Michonne then joins Rick in the kitchen. Rick thanks her for making Carl laugh and says that Carl needs her. Rick says that if she ever needs a break from that responsibility to take it, but Michonne says that she is done taking breaks. Michonne asks if they will make the house their home or keep moving and Rick says that they will figure it out. Michonne says they need more supplies and that she will go with Carl. When Rick offers to come along she objects and convinces him to rest one more day. Rick tells Carl and Michonne to be back by noon.

Michonne notices that Carl is still quiet and obviously troubled by his Judith comment, so she tries to cheer him up. She reveals she found string cheese in one of the houses and covers her mouth in cheese while growling like a walker, trying to make him laugh. Carl doesn't laugh, and Michonne apologizes and says she isn't good at making boys his age laugh. She says she was better with toddlers. When Carl asks what she meant, Michonne reveals she had a 3 year-old son. Carl questions her further about it, but Michonne says she will only answer one question at a time, after they have cleared each room in the house.

Michonne reveals that her son's name was Andre Anthony, and that he was her only child, also remarking that he was a handful like Carl. The only detail she reveals about Andre's death is that he died shortly after the outbreak started. Michonne says that she has never told anyone about it before Carl. Carl says that her secret is safe with him, but Michonne says it was never really a secret.

While inspecting a painting, she notices a closed door and opens it up to discover a pair of children's rooms. In one of the rooms she discovers the bodies of two children and their parents. She closes the door before Carl notices what is inside. When he guesses that there was a baby in the room, Michonne lies and says it was a dog. Carl says that Rick let him name Judith, and that maybe Judith and Andre are together somewhere. Michonne smiles and agrees then says they should get back to Rick.

They encounter Rick later, who is on the run from the house because scavengers have taken over the neighborhood. They see a sign for Terminus and agree to follow the train tracks to the new location.


Michonne does not appear in this episode, however Daryl mentions her as they find the rundown shack, claiming that he found the shack with Michonne. She is also mentioned by Beth during a conversation she is having with Daryl, saying that Daryl looks at her as if she is a dead girl, but she survived (unlike Michonne, Carol, and Maggie).


Michonne does not appear in this episode.

"The Grove"Edit

Michonne does not appear in this episode.


Michonne is seen with Rick and Carl, competing in a bet with Carl to see who can walk on the rails the longest without falling off. Carl wins after Michonne falls off from trying to scare Carl off the rail. Michonne allows Carl to choose one of the last two candy bars in their supply, which he chooses the Big Cat bar. 


Michonne is seen with Carl and Rick, struggling with hunger as they inch closer to Terminus. They stop at an abandoned car for the night and cook a rabbit they caught. As Michonne and Rick talk by the fire and Carl sleeps in the car, Joe and his group surprise them, holding Michonne and Rick at gunpoint and dragging Carl out of the car. Daryl, who is a part of the group but had no idea they were hunting Rick and the others, tries to stop them, but Joe orders the group to beat Daryl to death. They make it clear that Michonne and Carl will be raped and killed.

Rick begins to fight Joe, but Michonne is still held at gunpoint and her efforts to get the gun away from Tony are unsuccessful. When Rick rips Joe's throat out, Tony is distracted, and Michonne grabs the gun, shooting him in the head. She quickly shoots Harley, one of the men beating Daryl, in the head, and Rick and Daryl kill the remaining two men.

The next day, Michonne does her best to comfort Rick and a traumatized Carl. Once they are near Terminus, Rick buries most of their weapons in a duffel bag outside the gates, and they stake out the place to see what it might be like.

Carl chooses to go with Michonne, not Rick. Michonne encourages him not to be scared of his father. Carl confides that he's tried to be good but still struggles with dark thoughts. Michonne decides to finally tell him how her son, Andre Anthony, died. She had gone on a supply run and left Andre behind with her boyfriend Mike and his friend Terry. While she was gone, they'd gotten high and had been unprepared for a zombie attack, When she got back, Andre was dead, and they were dying. In her rage, Michonne let them turn, then turned them into her pets, to punish them, but also to punish herself for not protecting her son. Michonne tells him that he, Andrea, and Rick are the people who brought her back to being able to feel and have emotions. 

Once they go to Terminus, Gareth, the leader, quickly greets them, checking their weapons before giving them back as a good will gesture. They offer the skeptical group something to eat. Rick spots various belongings of other members of the group like Glenn, and holds a Terminus resident at gunpoint, demanding answers. Michonne, Daryl, and Carl follow his lead. They make a break for it, but through gunfire are herded toward a boxcar. Gareth tells them if they don't go in the boxcar, Carl will be killed. They slowly file in, where they are reunited with most of the group (minus Beth, Tyreese, Carol, and Judith), along with some new faces. Michonne watches as Rick boasts that Terminus "screwed with the wrong people."



"I agree with my lover."
—Mike to Michonne, after Terry called her Mike's lover.[src]

Mike and Michonne have a son (Andre Anthony) together, and are clearly a couple, as, in a dream/flashback Michonne has, Terry calls them lovers.

After the zombie virus hits, Michonne, Mike, Terry, and Andre stayed in a camp with dwindling numbers. When Michonne goes on a supply run and leaves Andre with Mike and Terry. They get high and are unprepared when walkers attack the camp. Michonne returns to find Andre dead and Mike and Terry dying. She chooses to let them turn and then takes away their arms and teeth, keeping them as pets to punish them, and punish herself. She then goes out on her own.

When she eventually meets Andrea, she tells Andrea that her pets were never human to begin with. Shortly before she and Andrea are taken by Woodbury guards, Michonne decapitates her pets.

In spite of her anger, Michonne eventually comes to mourn him, dreaming of him in "After", along with Terry and Andre. In the dream he slowly goes from being her boyfriend to her pet. Later in the episode, she breaks down, saying that she misses him and misses Andre.


"Oh my god, you did not just call me that."
—Michonne to Terry, after calling her Mike's lover.[src]

Michonne has a close and friendly relationship with Terry, Mike's best friend. They often joke around together with Mike.

After the zombie virus hits, Michonne, Mike, Terry, and Andre stay in a camp with dwindling numbers. When Michonne goes on a supply run and leaves Andre with Mike and Terry. They get high and are unprepared when walkers attack the camp. Michonne returns to find Andre dead and Mike and Terry dying. She chooses to let them turn and then takes away their arms and teeth, keeping them as pets to punish them, and punish herself. She then goes out on her own.

When she eventually meets Andrea, she tells Andrea that her pets were never human to begin with. Shortly before she and Andrea are taken by Woodbury guards, Michonne decapitates her pets.

She dreams of him in "After", seeing him slowly decay from her friend to her pet.

Andre AnthonyEdit

Andre is Michonne's son, from her relationship with Mike. Michonne adores him. His death at the hands of walkers devastates her to the point of emotionally shutting down for an extended period of time. A dream where she holds him in her arms soon turns to a nightmare as he disappears while Mike and Terry slowly turn to walkers. This helps push Michonne to another breakdown, after which she is once again able to speak her son's name and remember him with love and fondness instead of bitterness and blame.


"You chose a warm bed over a friend."
—Michonne to Andrea regarding the latter's decision to stay in Woodbury[src]

After Andrea is abandoned at the farm and runs being chased by walkers all night through the woods, she's attacked by a walker but is to exhausted to fight. She is just about to be bitten when Michonne slices off the walker's head with her katana. They have a very close relationship, and it is most likely the closest relationship Andrea has maintained since Amy died. However, once the two enter Woodbury, their relationship begins to sour due to their contrasting beliefs about Philip, as well as the town itself. This relationship is further strained when Andrea visits the Prison and accuses Michonne of saying untruthful things and turning the group "against her" however Michonne denies anything and tells Andrea, "You chose a warm bed over a friend." showing that Michonne was hurt by that.

In "Welcome to the Tombs", the two finally reunite one last time in The Governor's torture chamber, only to find that Andrea had been bitten in the neck by a zombified Milton. Michonne gives a tearful goodbye, and stays with Andrea during their final moments together.

In "30 Days Without An Accident", it is revealed that Michonne has been hunting for The Governor ever since Andrea's death, attempting to get her revenge on him. In "Too Far Gone", Michonne finally avenges Andrea by stabbing The Governor through the chest and leaving him to die.

Michonne continues to mourn Andrea and remember her, telling Carl in "A" that Andrea was one of the people who brought her back from being dead inside.

Merle DixonEdit

"You talk about the weight of what you have to do, how you can handle it... A bad man, someone truly evil, they're light as a feather. They don't feel a thing."
—Michonne to Merle about his code.[src]

The two first meet when he caught her and Andrea looking over the helicopter crash site. Initially showing a racist attitude toward African-Americans, Merle does not insult her, showing his change as a person after The Governor saves him. After she leaves Woodbury, Merle is instructed to take a group to hunt her down and kill her. He is unable to accomplish his task and lies to The Governor by saying she is dead.

Michonne's view of The Governor contrasts Merle's view of him. She believes him to be dangerous while he says he's a good man.

While in the Prison, Merle apologizes for trying to kill Michonne, stating that he was simply following orders and that he has done things that he has regretted, before and after. It is unclear whether Michonne has forgiven Merle or not.

In "This Sorrowful Life", Merle tricked Michonne into the Tombs and knocks her unconscious to bind her for The Governor. Later, Merle walks Michonne down an abandoned road and explains The Governor's proposition. He says Rick would never have gone through with it and he's doing it to save Daryl and the others. Michonne notes that Merle has a conscience after all, but Merle disagrees. At the motel, Merle saves Michonne from a walker, which seems to visibly shock her. As the two continue their journey to the Feed Store in the vehicle, she talks to him about the kind of man The Governor has turned him into, and calls him an outsider to the group. Merle counters that she is just as much of an outsider as he is, and the two fall silent as they realize that they are not that different. Michonne attempts to convince him to turn around, saying that they could "just go back", but Merle angrily states that he can't. After realizing that she was right about him, he sets her free, having a change of heart. Michonne is also the last member of the prison group that Merle gets to interact with before he dies.

Daryl DixonEdit

"Good color. It brings out your eyes."
—Michonne to Daryl about the rock he found.[src]

Daryl was at first wary of Michonne, but eventually he and Michonne have established a friendly relationship following the Woodbury residents moving into the prison. Michonne often jokes around with him, such as when she joked to Hershel that Daryl had given her fleas. It has been confirmed that Daryl and Michonne have went on runs together in the past, or as Michonne likes to call them "the olden days". For example, in the episode "Still", Daryl brings up the fact that him and Michonne found the house, in the past, while out on a run. Daryl was also the person who convinced Michonne to end her search for the Governor, saying that the trail had gone cold. Daryl has also indicated he would have gladly helped Michonne look for him, but Daryl believes the prison group needs Michonne around. Michonne comments on the rock Daryl found, and says that it brings out the color of his eyes.

The GovernorEdit

"If he was here right now, I'd cut him in two, because that's how it needs to be."
—Michonne to Tyreese about The Governor[src]

Upon arriving in Woodbury, Michonne is initially mistrustful of The Governor and resents his taking away her katana. Her distrust and desire to get her sword back leads Michonne to investigate Woodbury, eventually discovering The Governor's zombified daughter Penny. Michonne puts Penny down in front of The Governor, causing a brawl between he and Michonne, a brawl that Michonne wins by stabbing The Governor in the eye with a shard of glass. Following The Governor's disappearance, Michonne continues to go on runs seeking to find him. In "Too Far Gone", Michonne is taken hostage by The Governor and used as leverage against Rick and the prison. After the battle begins, Michonne escapes and stabs The Governor in the chest with her katana, saving Rick. Michonne then decides to let The Governor suffer and die and doesn't finish him off. Lilly later shoots The Governor, finishing him off.

Hershel GreeneEdit

"She saved my life, Carl's, Glenn and Maggie's... If she hadn't come here, we never would have known they were taken. She's earned her place."
—Hershel to Rick discussing Michonne.[src]

Hershel and Michonne have interacted greatly in recent episodes, him often treating her for medical injuries and even saving her life (him being one the only people left who can treat a concussion.) Michonne returned this favor by saving Hershel's life in "Home", carrying him to the truck along with Glenn. In "Arrow on the Doorpost" when Rick and Hershel are discussing The Governor's offer for Michonne, Hershel convinces Rick that Michonne has seemingly earned her place in the group and that she had saved his life among others.

In the episode "Internment," Michonne asks Hershel if he'd like to help burn some of the walker corpses from their mass attack on the prison, to which he responds "Hell yeah," and they share a laugh. As a result, Hershel spends his last hours of life with Michonne as they are both captured by The Governor. After The Governor decapitates Hershel with Michonne's katana, Michonne avenges him by stabbing The Governor in the chest with the same sword.

In "After", Michonne comes across Hershel's zombified head, and stabs it. She puts her hand on his head, showing she cared for him.

Beth GreeneEdit

"We care about you."
—Beth to Michonne while treating her foot.[src]

Beth is first seen interacting with Michonne when Michonne was going to escort Rick, Daryl, and Oscar to Woodbury. At first, Beth seems uncomfortable talking to her, but as time goes on, they become friends. Beth comforts Michonne while treating Michonne's injured foot from falling and fending off walkers, and they speak about loss in the new world.

Rick GrimesEdit

"I know you see things. I used to talk to my dead boyfriend."
—Michonne to Rick.[src]

Rick is initially strongly suspicious of Michonne, but after she helps him getting into Woodbury, and after she saves Hershel's life in the Prison attack, he starts to slowly trust her. In "Clear" she reveals that she's aware of Rick's situation; seeing Lori, and reveals she used to talk to her dead boyfriend, presumably boosting their relationship and level of understanding for one another. In "Welcome To The Tombs," Rick states that she is one of them, and is officially a member of the group.

Rick and Michonne become closer during the months where the prison runs smoothly, as during "30 Days Without An Accident" she returns from hunting The Governor with gifts for him and for Carl. During the brutal attack by the Governor in "Too Far Gone," Michonne saves Rick's life, stabbing The Governor through the chest while he's throttling Rick. She helps him get to safety.

Rick is thrilled to see her when she finds him and Carl at the end of, "After." He tells her in "Claimed," that he knows how important she is to Carl, and he clearly trusts her with Carl. Michonne tries to get him to rest from his injuries. While Michonne and Carl go on a run, Rick escapes from a group of men who plan to rape and kill her, alerting Michonne and Carl to their presence as he flees the house.

While on the road to Terminus, Rick again saves Michonne (and Carl and Daryl) from these men in "A," in a feral attack. The next day, Michonne asks how he's doing. When he says he's OK, she says she knows, because she's OK too, perhaps implying that she sees their moods as being intertwined. Later that day, when Carl is reluctant to spend time with Rick, Michonne encourages him to be closer to his father. She tells Carl that he, Rick, and Andrea helped bring back her emotions and her feelings.

Carl GrimesEdit

"I think she may be one of us."
—Carl to Rick about Michonne.[src]

Carl is initially distrustful with Michonne just like the rest of the group. He's upset when Rick decides to bring her along on a run to King County, looking for guns. Later when he decides to go on a run to retrieve something and get a baby-crib for Judith, Michonne comes along and Carl storms at her. Eventually she gains Carl's trust by helping him retrieve what was revealed to be an old family picture of him, Rick and Lori. This gets Carl to respect and appreciate Michonne more. Later on, he tells his dad that Michonne may be "one of us".  Carl and Michonne later develop something of a friendship with Michonne bringing back comic books for Carl from one of her runs.

After the fall of the prison, Michonne and Carl become even closer, as she spends time with him while Rick heals from his injuries. To help him deal with his grief over Judith's presumed death, Michonne confides in him about the loss of her son, Andre Anthony. Carl is somewhat proud to learn no one else knows. He tries to encourage her as she does the same for him.

On the way to Terminus, they laugh and have fun together, but the happy mood is shattered when Carl is nearly raped and he watches his father brutally murder the man who did it. Michonne comforts him and tries to encourage him to understand his father. He confides in her his view that he is a monster and nothing he can do will change being a monster. She talks about her dark moments to try to show him people can change. She tells him that he, Rick, and Andrea made her the person she now is, bringing her back from the brink.

Judith GrimesEdit

After Michonne is wounded and is training to gain her strength back, she spends time with Beth and baby Judith. She gets distracted and asks Beth if Judith always cries like that. Beth tells her she can sense wounds. Afterwards, Beth asks Michonne if she can hold her, so she can clean up. Michonne initially, but later agrees. After a few seconds of Beth being gone, Michonne breaks down emotionally, and holds Judith close to her. Holding a baby likely reminds Michonne of her own son.


Michonne is Flame's owner and she is frequently seen taking her out for trips and other miscellaneous activities. Sadly, Flame is killed during the fall of the prison.